Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in the role of international trade in the economic development, which is followed by a considerable increase in the number of commercial disputes. As a result, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including arbitration, have become more crucial for businesses operating in India as well as those doing businesses with Indian firms.

Arbitration is recognized as the most effective method of solving commercial disputes, predominantly those of international dimension. Within, around Asia and across the globe, India offers both the resources and a venue for Arbitrators and dispute resolution procedures and is dedicated in its aim of supporting Arbitration as a means of resolving commercial issues. We have been actively involved in several International and Domestic Arbitration matters.

We are actively involved in ad hoc as well as institutional arbitration proceedings for recovery of money and other commercial disputes both in India and overseas. We are involved in several domestic and international arbitration matters, ranging from technology related disputes to power plant related matters. We have appeared on several occasions before an Arbitral Tribunal constituted under the International Chamber of Commerce with an overseas seat of arbitration.