We also facilitate initiation and purview of matters having criminal implications in regard to corporate affairs. This involves appraisal, research, drafting of necessary proceedings and actions in regard to such issues, wherever necessary. We aim to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to provide compliance, preinvestigative advisory and criminal defence litigation services. We serve both companies and individuals, bringing together the combined experience of seasoned lawyers to advise, serve and represent our clients in respect of every kind of white collar and corporate criminal matters. 

Our services can be categorized under the following areas.

  1. Compliance advisory – to keep clients informed of and ensure compliance with the thicket of criminal and regulatory legislation in the complex commercial and industrial regulatory regime of India. This aspect is pre-emptive.
  2. Pre-investigative advisory – to advise clients of police investigation procedures, and their rights and liabilities as well as their contingent and actual exposure and that of their company even before involvement of the authorities. This aspect is protective.
  3. Criminal defence service – to defend our clients‟ rights and ensure that justice is achieved. This aspect is defensive.